It's a portable, durable and innovative kayak for all of your adventure desires! It allows people to freely access various water bodies, while saving space at home and traveling. We use HDPE plastic for the kayak's shell - it's an extremely durable material, so you don't need to worry about hitting rocks, logs or brambles.

Technical details

But how does it fold / unfold?

Simple. There are sturdy levers to hold the folds in place. (Please note that our kayak has rubber rails instead of the foam rails which are seen in this GIF.)

All kayaks are covered under a 3-year warranty.



Every kayak comes with a Hull Identification Number (HIN). It consists of the color of your kayak, the batch number and a string made up of 7 alphanumeric characters. For the low price of 5 you can have a custom HIN ending! You can choose this option in the product page.

What do our Customers say?

I love the outdoors, but never had a interest in inflating a kayak or transporting a hard shell one. After hearing about a folding plastic kayak, I did some extensive research and decided to purchase a Tucktec. THE best recreational purchase I’ve ever made!!! The customer service is outstanding!
I have been a HUGE fan of my Tucktec from Day ONE! Tucktec is A1, top-notch!! Can't go wrong with buying from them if you want a portable kayak that will get you out more than you ever thought!! ❤️
Cynthia Dworetsky
Love it! Hands down, the best purchase I made last year! I had a 2 door car and live in a small second floor condo with no outside storage. I never thought I could own a kayak until I bought a bigger vehicle and a house until I found this. Looking forward to another fun summer of kayaking!!
We absolutely love our Tucktecs they have given us the freedom to kayak anywhere!!! They are very easy to assemble, light weight, stable and very compact!!!! I absolutely cannot say enough good things about the kayaks or the amazing company that backs their products 110%
The kayak is very sturdy, and I've never felt like it would tip at all. If you mostly paddle water without swells and waves, and don't want to deal with tying a kayak on your roof, this is a great option. I've been happy with it for over 2.5 years now.

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