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Custom HINs are here!

We've noticed that people like to personalize their Tucktecs. Now you have the ability to order a custom Hull Identification Number (HIN)!

A Hull Identification Number (HIN) is used to identify your kayak, primarily in our customer service interactions. It consists of a general string and a set of 7 alphanumeric characters separated by a dash: CYYBB-RRRRRRR, where C is the colour code, YY is the year of the batch of plastic, BB is the batch number, and RRRRRRR is the aforementioned set of alphanumeric characters. You are now able to edit this string, as long as it adheres to the 7 character limit!

While ordering your Tucktec, select the "Yes" option in the "Custom HIN" section. You will have to pay 5€ extra for this service, and after your payment is cleared, we will contact you to arrange your custom HIN.

Happy Tucktecing!

P.S. here are some examples:

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