Warranty policy

Our warranty policy has been prepared under the guidelines of the EU consumer protection law and the legislation of other countries where Tucktec EU (a branch of the company MB „Arborus grupė“, the seller) conducts operations. Requests to utilize the warranty can be made to info@tucktec.eu. Kayaks purchased from our franchisor Tucktec Ltd. Co. may be covered to be repaired in Europe, you may choose to reach out to us or to them directly, but coverage by Tucktec EU is not guaranteed for Tucktec foldable kayaks that we did not manufacture / sell.

With any purchased Tucktec folding kayak, the owner is entitled to a 3-year warranty, which covers any defects that render the kayak unsafe or unusable. Please note that scratches on the plastic occur from transportation and / or normal use, hence any scratches or other cosmetic issues which do not impact the typical usage of the kayak are not covered under the warranty. If the claimant is found to have damaged the kayak due to negligence, modifications or improper use (deviation from the instructions supplied in the Tucktec EU website, media channels and original shipment), the warranty is considered void, the owner is not eligible for warranty coverage under the conditions of this warranty policy. If any of the aforementioned reasons are uncovered by any means, Tucktec EU is not required to inform the owner of the warranty being void until a request is made. This policy also does not cover loss, theft, destruction in natural disasters, damage from third-parties.

The warranty claiming process is simple. After the customer reaches out to us, we conclude the best possible course of action. Typically, we will offer the customer a self-repair kit with instructions. If this is not possible, we offer to fix the kayak ourselves. If this is not possible, we provide a replacement upon receiving the original kayak at our facilities. If it is not possible to repair or replace the kayak, we offer a full refund upon the receipt of the kayak at our facilities. All shipping costs associated with repairs are covered by Tucktec EU, provided the warranty has not been voided and has not expired.

Please note that all refunds are only made by bank transfer to an IBAN.