Proper usage instructions

This document has been prepared to outline the proper usage of the Tucktec folding kayak. Violation of these instructions might be risky and may cause direct or indirect damage to the user. We are not liable for any consequences that arise from improper use and deviation from these recommendations, it is at your own risk. Your warranty may be void if you have violated these instructions.

1.       Not more than one person is recommended to be in a kayak at the same time.

2.       Maximum load of the kayak is recommended to be up to 136 kilograms.

3.       The user(s) of the kayak must wear a personal floatation device or a life jacket at all times, and other protective / rescue equipment in case of an accident.

4.       It is not recommended to sail in bodies of water with choppy waves or in rough weather conditions.

5.       The kayak must be folded correctly and properly fastened at the six points with the levers. Improper folding might lead to leaks or bad floatation.

6.       You must not make any non-cosmetic modifications to the kayak (like changing the seat, impacting the structural integrity of the kayak, etc.)